Carpet Installation

This is What Home Feels Like

Wall-to-wall carpet is a warm and very comfortable floor covering. Its luxury and good looks are unrivaled. We bring the best in professional, easy-to-afford wall-to-wall carpet installation to Queens.

Wall-to-wall carpeting makes your home cozier and more attractive. It soaks up unwelcome noise, provides insulation to keep you warm in winter and creates a safe surface that can prevent slips and trips.

Choosing wall-to-wall carpet requires time and care. We can help you find the right combination of style and performance to match your budget and your taste.

We offer a free home evaluation to help make the choice that’s right for your home. You can learn more about your options at Carpet Samples.

Choose Your Style – The Rest is Covered

Once you’ve made your choice, we provide courteous, skilled carpet installation. We offer the two most popular installation methods: the stretch method (with carpet padding) for more underfoot comfort and increased noise absorption, and the more-affordable glue-down method that stands up well against heavy traffic and helps prevent buckling.

Both are backed by a 30-day, 100% guarantee.

To keep your carpet fresh and looking new, be sure to call us twice a year for an expert carpet cleaning.

For affordable, professional carpet installation in Queens, call us today.

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