Water Damage Restoration

Mold and Mildew - A  Serious Hazard?

Water damage could be a big problem. When you deal with a flooded basement, the problem and the solution are obvious. But when small signs of mold appear, you might be inclined to try cleaning it on your own or wait a before calling professional help.

But mold and mildew grows, develops and risks your health and your family health, with a fungal infection or a mycotoxin toxicity. Not to mention the odors that would be created in no time.

Fires in your home will leave you with marks on your carpet, rugs and sofas, as well as most types of floor covers. it can weaken and damage the furnishing all around the house.

All of these hazards, left untreated, will damage your life quality inside your home as time goes by. 

Effective, Comprehensive Care  

That is why you should call for professional help ASAP.

We begin with identifying where the most damaged areas are, as well as figuring out which types of damage has formed.

We use our industrial fans when there is a need for completely drying the room or effected area. That way all the moister or smoke will get out and allow for the cleaning process to take effect.

The next step is the actual cleaning, with the appliance of our organic cleaning products, which is meant to remove and eliminate all bacteria, allergens, germs and other trouble makers that might hang around.

After your rooms and items are cleaned, our expert technicians are able to restore and repair tears, breaks and discoloration issues.

Finally, we leave your home refreshed with an all natural deodorizing treatment, making your room an hospitable and beautiful ones again.

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