Ten Tips To Do At Home

Use these and make your homelife much easier...

  • Coffee grounds for odor removal: have coffee ground on a shelf in your fridge and replace every couple of months. the difference will be noticeable. 
  • Ice cubes for a clean disposal: Every couple of weeks throw some ice cubes into your garbage disposal so it could clean it thoroughly. 
  • Avoid mirror fog by rubbing and buffing some liquid soap on its surface.
  • Water taps: Use a combination of vodka and warm water on  to keep it shining and beautiful. 
  • Keep your living room wood sparkling by polishing it with a lemon juice and olive oil (equal parts) combo. 
  • Housekeeping by charity: every 3-4 months go over your stuff and donate what you don't need to charity or throw it away. 
  • Clean ceilings: Use a combo of water and white vinegar to keep your ceilings white and beautiful. 
  • Keep mold away from your bathroom: ccirculate the air in your bathroom by using a fans and open a window ( if possible) during and after (30 min) a shower. this will keep mold from growing. 
  • Play-Doh for glasses remains: press it on the floor so broken little glasses would stick to it,as tiny as it is. 
  • Kitchen sponges maintenance: After each day, rinse your sponges, squeeze it, and put it in the microwave for 3 minuets. it will keep bacteria off. 
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